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Best reason to go to Tyrone Square Mall: COBB’S CINEMA AVEC LES BARCALOUNGERS

Best reason to go to Tyrone Square Mall

Going out is a pain. Driving to Tyrone Square Mall is a bigger pain, and provides little reward. Oh wait, not anymore. The new luxury Cobb Theatres’ Tyrone Luxury 10 has opened and it’s a real treat for both your eyes and your ass. Park that double-wine comfortably in the cushy reclining seats that make your home furniture look like trash. Snag a drink from the full bar and watch the same crappy Hollywood movies but in absolute style and comfort. Hell, I’d probably even sit through the Ghostbusters sequel for that comfort. 6901 22nd Ave. N., St. Pete, entrance off northwest parking lot adjacent to J.C. Penney. 727-209-1930.—Colin O'Hara