Best Of 2016

Best come to Cheezus moment: Mac & Cheezus sandwich at Kings

The counter at Kings Street Food Counter.

I used to think it was overkill to cram side dishes (french fries, onion rings, mac ‘n cheese) inside a sandwich. Why not just serve ‘em where they belong -- on the side? Then I tried the glorious Mac & Cheezus at King’s: a pulled pork and mac ‘n cheese sandwich. The mac is homemade (with queso blanco, smoked chipotle gouda and white cheddar) and harmonizes nicely with the pork, the sourdough bread is perfectly toasted, and the whole thing is saved from unctuousness by the spark of jalapeños. And, unlike other meals-inside-a-sandwich, this one is relatively compact in size, so it doesn’t seem as if you’re ruining your diet all that much. Kings Street Food Counter, 937 Central Ave., St. Petersburg, 727-914-2111, —David Warner