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Best rejoinder to the "Farm to Fable" flap: The Black Pearl

Best rejoinder to the "Farm to Fable" flap

Dunedin's elegant little fine-dining bistro was not one of the culprits called out by the Times's Laura Reiley in her much-discussed expose of restaurants and farmers' markets that were failing to live up to their farm-to-table promises. Chef Chris Artrip has never made such promises; he just makes great food. But this June, in the wake of the "Farm to Fable" series, he decided to see just how much he could depend on local sources in designing his extravagant bi-annual Chef's Dinner. The result? Twelve spectacular courses, each more astonishing than the last, many made with locally produced ingredients — but not all. As he explained in one of his refreshingly candid discussions of the menu, not a lot grows in Florida in June, so some ingredients were only as local as the nearest Publix. Whatever the provenance, this was a feast to remember. —David Warner