Best Of 2016

Best server of pizza, pasta and gracious good cheer: Brianna Morin at Bavaro's St. Pete

A busy day at Bavaro's.

We were a raucous crowd of nine at Bavaro’s in St. Pete’s EDGE District, the last table of the night. We didn’t all arrive at the same time, we all ordered different beverages (including wines by the glass), some people shared pizza, some ordered pasta, one changed her order from soup to salad when she saw what another member of our party had ordered. Server’s worst nightmare, right? But Brianna Morin could not have been more gracious -- asking if we wanted to taste the wines before we ordered, gladly making that order switcheroo, and just generally making us feel she was happy we were there. A lovely, calming presence, Brianna made our evening — and the kitchen, as is usually the case at Bavaro’s, made a bunch of delicious food. 945 Central Ave., St. Petersburg, 727-258-7517, —David Warner