Best Of 2016

Best use of ampersands: SEMINOLE HEIGHTS

Best use of ampersands

Just when you think this beloved Tampa ’hood has reached its limit of ampersanded establishments, another cool business pops up to carry on the typographic tradition. But as much as we poke fun at monikers that seem like they were created by the online Hipster Business Name Generator (which spits out handles like Pin & Basket, Doors & Locket and Scarecrow & Maid), we love ’em. The high concentration of ampersanded names in Seminole Heights, after all, delivers some of the region’s greatest culinary creations and other wares. Embrace the ampersand with a food & drink crawl, noshing & sipping from Ox & Fields to Mikey’s Café & Bakery Co. to Jug & Bottle Dept. & on & on. —Meaghan Habuda