Best Of 2016

Best display of caring by a healthcare institution: ORLANDO HEALTH & FLORIDA HOSPITAL

An impromptu memorial outside Orlando Health in June, 2016.

Survivors of the Pulse nightclub shootings suffered from wounds both physical and psychological, and that trauma could have been compounded by the economic burdens of medical care. But Orlando Health, whose Orlando Regional Medical Center cared for more than 44 of the victims, and Florida Hospital, which treated 12, eased that burden last month when their CEOs announced that the hospitals were waiving all out-of-pocket medical expenses for the survivors — bills that would have totaled an estimated $5.5 million. OH CEO David Strong told the Orlando Sentinel that the decision reflected the hospital’s desire to thank organizations and individuals who had reached out to help: “This is simply our way of paying that kindness forward.” Now that’s caregiving., —David Warner