Best Of 2016

Best political implosion(s): Pam Bondi

Anderson Cooper tells Pam Bondi the gay community considers her a "hypocrite."

In astronomical circles, an implosion is defined as “a key part of the gravitational collapse of large stars.” Attorney General Pam Bondi, a large (or at least rising) star in FL GOP circles, imploded big-time this year, not once but twice. First came the Anderson Cooper beat-down during her post-Pulse empathy tour, when CNN’s silver fox dared to point out how hypocritical it was for Bondi to express concern for the LGBT population after having said in court that gay marriage would “do harm” to the people of Florida. Then, long after local press had raised questions about her cozy relationship with Trump, his big contribution to her campaign, and her office's subsequent decision not to follow through on any investigations of fraud at Trump University, the national media suddenly stumbled on the story, raising questions about her integrity in stories that made headlines across the country. Bondi may have made commendable progress in fights against human trafficking and pill mills, but the sheen of this rising star has definitely dimmed. —David Warner