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Best Trump surrogate-turned-meme: MICHAEL ‘SAYS WHO?’ COHEN

Best Trump surrogate-turned-meme

As Clinton enjoyed her post-DNC bump, Trump campaign spokespeople took to cable news to spin the bad press. All kinds of bizarre, reality-eschewing comedy fodder ensued, perhaps none more memorable than a CNN appearance by campaign attorney Michael Cohen in the wake of a campaign staff shakeup. When host Brianna Keilar asked him if the staffing changes had anything to do with Trump being down in essentially every poll, he curtly yet awkwardly uttered, “Says who?” “Polls, most of them, all of them,” Keilar asserted. “Says who?” Cohen repeated after an awkward pause. I just told you — polls, Keilar re-asserted. “Which polls?” “All of them.” Few moments better encapsulate the absurdity of the Trump camp’s penchant for reality-bending (or the election cycle as a whole) than that one. —KB