Best Of 2017

BEST FAKE NEWSPERSON: Jonelle Meyer in Golden Gurlz Live!

Just about everything was hilarious in this Golden Girls parody, the Suncoast AIDS Theatre Project’s annual Prelude to Pride fundraiser at American Stage: Matthew McGee as Dorothy, Joey Panek as Rose, Scott Daniel as Blanche and Emmanuel Carrero as Sophia. But the biggest scene-stealer of all (and that’s saying something in a cast so full of cut-ups) was Jonelle Meyer, flat-out wonderful as the pompous, bassoon-voiced “Channel 4 newsperson” who did the news updates at the breaks. Or maybe I should say flattened-out wonderful, since the big “reveal” about this newscaster was that he had a big secret — or rather, two big secrets. (Note re Jonelle: She was also terrific in an uncharacteristically serious role as the mother of an emotionally disturbed son in Powerstories’ Falling. That’s range.) —David Warner