Best Of 2017

Best Fusion Spring Roll

The conversion of the quintessential NOLA muffuletta sandwich into a golden, crisp spring roll is a flight of culinary whimsy. Instead of the delicate veggies and shellfish in a crunchy, deep-fried wrapper we're used to in Asian cuisine, these drip with salami, mortadella, ham, molten Swiss and provolone cheeses, and bits of olive salad. Eschewing a tangy soy dip, they’re served with a side of Creole Dijonnaise. It's an inspired snack that could only have come from a Hurricane-fueled stagger down Bourbon Street. —Jon Palmer Claridge

Food & Drink

Food & Drink

Best All-Around Restaurant
Todd Bates

  • Runner Up: Ulele
  • Runner Up: Datz
Best Bagels

  • Runner Up: Einstein Bros. Bagels
  • Runner Up: Clearwater Bagels
Best Bakery (Bread)

  • Runner Up: La Segunda Central Bakery
  • Runner Up: Alessi Bakery
Best Bakery (Pastries)
Best Bakery (Pastries)

  • Runner Up: Alessi Bakery
  • Runner Up: Frida's Cafe & Bakery
Best Banh Mi
freshcrackedpepper via Wikimedia Commons

  • Runner Up: Bamboozle Cafe
  • Runner Up: Saigon Deli
Best Bar Crawl
Brew Bus

  • Runner Up: Bar Crawl Nation (St. Pete)
  • Runner Up: Tampa Noles Pub Crawl
Best Bar Food
Courtesy of Dunedin Brewery

  • Runner Up: Engine No. 9
  • Runner Up: Mermaid Tavern