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Best Not-Kombucha: Orange Blossom Switchel from Mother Kombucha

Best Not-Kombucha

Switchel is the new kombucha, people. Well, at least that’s what we’re telling ourselves now that we’ve tasted Mother Kombucha’s not-kombucha: Orange Blossom Switchel. This crisp, brilliant living beverage is equally as refreshing as the other small-batch members of the MK fam, but a little more feisty — as in, it’s got some zing from ginger and raw apple cider vinegar. Plus, local orange blossom honey adds a welcome floral flavor — and a Sunshine State edge — to the sparkling elixir. You can find the Orange Blossom Switchel in bottles (and in growler form) at a number of retailers around town. As the St. Petersburg-based company would say, “Embrace the ferment!” —Meaghan Habuda