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Best Restaurant That’s So Many Other Things, Too: The Bricks

Best Restaurant That’s So Many Other Things, Too

Sure, it’s an all-too-convenient lunch-and-coffee hang for folks who work at the west end of Ybor (like, um, the staff of a certain beloved newspaper), but at any given hour of the day The Bricks can morph from breakfast spot to cocktail bar to art gallery to dance club to businessmen’s lounge. And with the addition of a community space next door in the former skate shop, it now has a nice, airy location for rentals, like the recent farewell party for Jared (Space at 2106) O’Roark. And whatever you’re there for, expect to join the daily guessing game: What the heck obscure movie is running on the TVs this time? (There was a period when the gang never seemed to stop playing the 1986 flick Short Circuit with Ally Sheedy and Steve Guttenberg. Glad that’s over.) 1327 East 7th Ave., Ybor City. 813-247-1785, —David Warner