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Best Veggie Burger From a Porchetta Purveyor: Black Bean Burger at Vanchetta Food Truck

Best Veggie Burger From a Porchetta Purveyor

Oh. My. Goood. The next time you’re with your vegetarian pal and this rolling rotisserie pulls up to your neighborhood brewery, run to its order window. Vanchetta dishes the most delicious veggie burger on the planet — as far as we’re concerned — which is kinda weird, considering porchetta, a slow-roasted Italian pork, is the food truck’s specialty. To pull off the veg-friendly marvel, the crew uses a black bean patty to create culinary harmony in your mouth with help from pickles, onion, tomato, greens, ketchup and chipotle aioli. That’s $7 well spent. —Meaghan Habuda