Best Of 2017

Best Witty Cocktail Menu
Chip Weiner
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A five-page list with an intro, no less, that makes for good reading whether you’re a drinker or not. Modeled after the J. Peterman catalog — or, more to the point, after the J. Peterman catalog as parodied on Seinfeld — each of its drinks is “described” via a mini-narrative, “a little anecdotal story that has nothing to do with the cocktail,” beverage manager Brandon Muske told CL in January, “but has a hint of a memory.” And a hint of Muske’s erudition and sly wit as well. Best of all, he and his team sling cocktails as well as he slings words, so you’ll enjoy the drinks as much as the descriptions. —David Warner

Food & Drink

Food & Drink

Best All-Around Restaurant
Todd Bates

  • Runner Up: Ulele
  • Runner Up: Datz
Best Bagels

  • Runner Up: Einstein Bros. Bagels
  • Runner Up: Clearwater Bagels
Best Bakery (Bread)

  • Runner Up: La Segunda Central Bakery
  • Runner Up: Alessi Bakery
Best Bakery (Pastries)
Best Bakery (Pastries)

  • Runner Up: Alessi Bakery
  • Runner Up: Frida's Cafe & Bakery
Best Banh Mi
freshcrackedpepper via Wikimedia Commons

  • Runner Up: Bamboozle Cafe
  • Runner Up: Saigon Deli
Best Bar Crawl
Brew Bus

  • Runner Up: Bar Crawl Nation (St. Pete)
  • Runner Up: Tampa Noles Pub Crawl
Best Bar Food
Courtesy of Dunedin Brewery

  • Runner Up: Engine No. 9
  • Runner Up: Mermaid Tavern