Best Of 2017

BEST DISPLAY OF RELIGIOUS DEVOTION: St. Tebow in the Times sports pages


Oh. My. God. And by God, I don’t mean Tim Tebow. Although I’m sure he can raise the dead and walk on water. Because that’s how he was portrayed by the media, particularly the Times, during the  — what was it, a week? — when he descended from the heavens to grace us with his presence as a not-very-good minor-leaguer playing for the St. Lucie Mets. Martin Fennelly, dazzled by what he called “The Tebow Effect,” reported that when Tebow was the 10th player to strike out against the Charlotte Stone Crabs, ticket holders got a free Frosty from Wendy's. “It wasn't loaves and fishes,” said Fennelly, “but Tebow provided.” OK, tongue-in-cheek, maybe. But the hero worship continued when St. Tim arrived, with headlines like “It’s a feel-great meet and greet for Tim Tebow in Tampa” and just a few days later, “A Tim Tebow birthday gift of perspective” (ending with this quote from a fellow Gator: "I don't think we'll ever see someone like Tim again”). Gag. Look, he seems to be a perfectly nice, upstanding guy, but the non-stop hagiography just seems a little, well, tiresome. And not a little icky. —David Warner