Best Of 2017

Best maybe it's going to be OK after all: Pat Kemp's Election to the County Commission

Best maybe it's going to be OK after all

The night is dark and full of terrors. At least it has been since November or so, when we found out just how many un-thinking there are among us (or at least gullible and/or residing within gerrymandered districts). And it continues with the frightening policies being implemented at the national level as well as the resurgence of actual fucking Nazis and the KKK everywhere (both of which have a new statue fetish, apparently). But locally, Election Night had a few bright spots. One of those was the election of outspoken progressive Pat Kemp, who won the countywide Hillsborough County Commission seat Kevin Beckner previously held against Republican Tim Schock. Since taking office, she's held the line on social and environmental issues without being combative or baldly political, all while pushing better objectives for transit, the environment and equality. And she's not even a year into her first term. —Kate Bradshaw