Best Of 2017


Gina V’s Facebook presence is of a piece with her journalism — wry, funny, embracing, but fierce when she needs to be — and that combination made her voice particularly welcome during Irmageddon. She was candid about her fears and asked serious questions about subjects like evacuation traffic, but she also opened up threads on lighter but no less necessary topics such as stress-eating and fake Irma events. (And because she’s a smart, funny person, she has many smart, funny friends, so the threads were always good for some cathartic laughter.) Always a passionate advocate for St. Pete and Florida (even though — waah! — she’s moving to Asheville), she defended those who chose not to evacuate from the state with points like “This is crucial: there is only ONE direction we can leave the state. North.” And she was also good at offering reassuring words like this passage, which oughta be engraved on a plaque somewhere: “In our own little inter-county community of misfit artists, musicians, activists, and other assorted weirdos, there are literally thousands of us looking out for each other — not just now, but always. Irma is a whopper, but we're an amazing bunch of people with big hearts and a lot of ingenuity. We're going to have dark days, but the sun is our friend. She's coming back. And one day this will make a hell of a story. Hang on so you can tell it.” —David Warner