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Best win for Tampa's grassroots activists: Stop TBX Actually Stopping TBX

Best win for Tampa's grassroots activists
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Terrence Smith

The bureaucrats don't want to frame this as a win for Stop TBX, the coalition of dogged activists who are mad as hell that state officials want to cripple yet another historic community by putting yet another road through it — a road for rich people who who want to save a minute on their commute, mind you. As the controversial TBX “Lexus lanes” project loomed over the budding Tampa Heights neighborhood, and even as it appeared as though the deal was sealed, nevertheless those activists persisted. Of course, the state is rebranding the project as “Tampa Bay Next” and officials swear they want to incorporate more modes of transportation into the plan, even if Lexus lanes are still very much on the menu. Good luck attracting those smart and attractive millennials, guys. Our only hope is that Stop TBX will stay on it. —Kate Bradshaw