Best Of 2018

Best major label live recording that’s still in bootleg mode: CHICK COREA AT SAINT PETERSBURG COLLEGE

In January, fans from around the globe came to St. Petersburg College to watch legendary jazz pianist Chick Corea, bassist John Patitucci and drummer Dave Weckl record a live album over the course of back-to-back performances. You’d probably have to catch Corea — who is a direct link to the days when Miles Davis and John Coltrane stalked the jazz scene — on one of his overseas tours to actually hear what the trio came up with. “I’m kind of working that way now because record companies are a little slow to get all of their ducks in a line in order to make a major release,” Corea told CL when asked about the DIY pressings of the recording he’s hawking in Europe and Asia. “My tours, they just keep going. So if I wait for the record company, then I miss carrying the record around on tour, and that’s where all the fans come out.” —RR