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Best marriage of fine art and social media: THIS IS NOT A SELFIE

Best marriage of fine art and social media

Are you sick of us talking about how great the Museum of Fine Art is? ’Cause we’re a little sick of everything there delighting us, but we can’t help it with this one: This Is Not a Selfie, curated by Robin O’Dell, reveals a stunning collection of self-portraiture from artists across time and place, and every picture tells a different story. But they didn’t stop there: Preparator Jorge Valenzuela got in on the game and brought a social media component that married Instagrammers and 19th-century self-portraits, with several stations around the exhibit where people can take selfies inspired by the not-selfies, then see themselves in the MFA’s social media feed later. It’s art imitates life imitates art, plus it’s fun, plus it’s brilliant. —Cathy Salustri