Best Of 2018

Best caterer without limitations: KIM BAILEY

Best caterer without limitations

Need to feed 10,000 people in two hours? No problem. Just set up 38 different food stations. How about preparing 15 different cuisines for the thousands of hungry “elephants” at the 2012 RNC? Sure, why not. Quick, we need rescue rations for 2,000 stranded cruise ship patrons. Piece of cake. There’s a huge barbecue upstate ­— we need your help; may we send a helicopter? Joe Maddon has a special birthday, do you cater for two? A Japanese art opening needs themed stations for 400. Hai, hai, hai. Caterer Kim Bailey’s jovial can-do attitude and penchant for extensive research assures excellence because, “It’s About the Food.” 813-254-8018, —Jon Palmer Claridge