Best Of 2018

Best “all it needs is a soda fountain and a penny candy bin” general store: GULFPORT BEACH BAZAAR

Need a postcard? Here. Need a newspaper? Here. Need a sundress? Yup. How about tickets to anything — and we mean anything — happening in town? The Gulfport Beach Bazaar has it, along with books, jewelry, antiques and snacks. Snacks, people! A few years ago, Gini and Mike Fagan bought the variety shop and slowly started adding in Gulfport-style sundries, and now it’s the place to go if you want to see, be seen, mail a package or find a beachy outfit for your weekend on the shore. And yes, we’re serious: If only they’d put in a soda fountain, we’d never leave. 3115 Beach Blvd. S., Gulfport. 727-381-8548. —CS