Best Of 2018

Kids and screens. Screens and kids. Yeah, we know. Yet while it may seem like most kids can’t pry their eyes from their devices for more than ten seconds, large aerial obstacle courses like this have us begging to differ. This Dade City attraction offers multiple ropes courses with varying levels of difficulty; some allow kids as young as eight. Our daring 12-year-old nephew had the time of his life — though, to his mother’s chagrin, he now swears he wants to go skydiving once he’s of age. But, hey, it’s better than spending one’s youth glued to a screen, right? 27839 St. Joe Rd., Dade City. 813-381-5400, —KB

Goods & Services: Local business is good business.

Goods & Services

  • Runner Up: Carrie Graves — The Wellness Tree
  • Runner Up: Seminole Heights Community Acupuncture
Best Antique Shop
Cathy Salustri

  • Runner Up: Knot on Main Dunedin
  • Runner Up: Seminole Heights Antique
Best Apartment Community
Cathy Salustri

  • Runner Up: Town Shores of Gulfport
  • Runner Up: Beacon 430

  • Runner Up: Blick Art Materials
  • Runner Up: Hobby Lobby, U.S. 19 & Sunset, Clearwater
Best attempt to bring culture to Palm Harbor
Jennifer RIng

What do you do when your small town lacks culture? If you live in Palm Harbor, you go to the library. Palm Harbor Library director Gene Coppola has been trying to fill the void in Palm Harbor’s cultural scene for years. If you’re looking for art, literature, language classes, museum passes, or a print copy of Creative Loafing in PH, then you should head to the Palm Harbor Library. While you’re there, wish them a happy birthday — Palm Harbor Libraries turned 40 this year. —Jennifer Ring

  • Runner Up: Reeves Subaru
  • Runner Up: Crown Nissan

Nothing, I repeat, nothing, gives me more anxiety than taking my car to the mechanic. Be it something serious and mysterious or a routine oil change or maintenance, talking to someone about what ails my steel steed and then fretting over the cost makes me wanna puke. That said, trust is everything, and Bob at AutoWorks of Tampa goes just short of straight-up holding your hand when explaining the options you’ve got. His team has never pushed me into getting a service, and they’ve always been great about honoring warranties on work and parts. They may not be the least expensive team out there, but it’s hard to put a price on peace of mind and a crew that does business by a decent, customer-forward set of principles. 5507 N. Nebraska Ave., Tampa. 813-237-3993. —RR

  • Runner Up: Bob Lee’s Tire Company, St. Petersburg
  • Runner Up: Murray Motive, Oldsmar

Need a postcard? Here. Need a newspaper? Here. Need a sundress? Yup. How about tickets to anything — and we mean anything — happening in town? The Gulfport Beach Bazaar has it, along with books, jewelry, antiques and snacks. Snacks, people! A few years ago, Gini and Mike Fagan bought the variety shop and slowly started adding in Gulfport-style sundries, and now it’s the place to go if you want to see, be seen, mail a package or find a beachy outfit for your weekend on the shore. And yes, we’re serious: If only they’d put in a soda fountain, we’d never leave. 3115 Beach Blvd. S., Gulfport. 727-381-8548. —CS