Best Of 2018

Best serial muscle murderer: BRADFORD STEVENS AT VKNG FITNESS

Anyone who can get me out of bed before the sun rises to participate in an hour-long sweat session deserves a medal. So, this is Bradford Stevens of VKNG Fitness’s not-so medal-like medal. Bradford and his boutique studio, VKNG Fitness, make working out fun (yes, you read right: F-U-N), even as he exclaims mid-class, “If you’re not dying right now… if you don’t hate me right now... you’re not working hard enough.” Never once do I actually hate Bradford, though, because the high-energy small group personal training classes offered at VKNG are the perfect way to get your bod in shape while feeling supported and encouraged by a knowledgeable, personable instructor that goes above and beyond to make sure you’re getting the most out of your workout. 1221 W. Cass St., Tampa. 813-906-6305, —AQC