Best Of 2018

Best evidence St. Pete’s not “there” yet: ILLEGAL ALLEY DUMPS

For a cultural destination and overall contemporary city on the rise, St. Pete sure has a lot of gross mattresses and half-destroyed baby furniture leaning against fences in its alleys. This isn’t the city’s fault; we’ve got great sanitation services, cheap recycling and plenty of resources and information available to those who need to drop crap off or have crap picked up. But we’ve also got a segment of the population that’s not completely engaged in the community, for whatever reason, and that’s unlikely to change without a little targeted outreach on the part of the city itself. It’s not the affluent or the influential who are dumping their shit when they move out of one of the few cheap apartments left in town, and I’m not sure if they don’t know or don’t care that the guys in the trucks aren’t reponsible for taking that crap on their regular trash runs, but I do know that people who feel more a part of something are generally more likely to take better care of it. —SH