Best Of 2019

Best Drink That Comes With A Show: Taylor Citek, Dog Bar

Taylor Citek, Dog Bar

There’s outgoing, and then there’s bartender Taylor Citek of St. Pete’s canine-friendly watering hole Dog Bar. Named for and sporting tattoos of her father’s favorite guitar company, she’s as quick with a snarky remark or big, boisterous laugh as she is with a drink. Citek’s earnest, fun attitude isn’t a put-on; she’s honestly glad to see you, and wants you to have a good time while you’re there. One recent memorable occasion — a Pride weekend lip-sync battle — even saw her up on the bar with an impromptu routine of her own. Go grab a drink and have a laugh with one of the Bay area’s most convivial and entertaining slingers. —Scott Harrell

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