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Best Tribute Show: Fangsgiving

Best Tribute Show


We’ve said it before: tribute shows can always tank in the wrong hands. Still, there are a few promoters who can pull off a good one. Late last fall, The Bolt did just that with Fangsgiving, a pre-Halloween gig where more than a dozen acts — including an all-star band of locals taking on Mazzy Star — helped raise money for Recycled Tunes and the Gasparilla Music Foundation while giving fans a chance to let loose as songs by Beastie Boys, Black Sabbath, The Cars and A Tribe Called Quest blared through the PA. Funds raised — $1,500, enough to start a music program at a school — were a highlight, but so was a bearded Scott Harrell who meticulously mumbled his way through a hilarious Will Quinlan set that paid homage to one of Tampa’s best songwriters. 

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