Best Of 2019

Best Lemonade From Lemons: Jennifer Ring

Jennifer Ring

Our arts writer, Jennifer Ring, is a true badass, the type Hollywood makes movies about. She graduated college and was working on a cure for AIDS (which sorta already makes her a hero) when she fell victim to a lethal autoimmune disease. While most of us would have said fuck it and ran up one hell of a credit line touring the country, Jen decided instead to try something new: photography and writing. She started taking photos for us and suddenly we couldn’t get enough of her. She’s done everything from write about fine art to test out every backyard haunted house we could find for her. While we’d never wish illness on anyone, we’re immeasurably glad that she found us — and we found her. She’s made CL a better paper, and maybe showed some of us how to quit whining about not being able to eat gluten. —Cathy Salustri

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