Best Of 2020

Best Online Making Art Campaign: Paint It Forward

Paint It Forward

Derek Donnelly started Paint it Forward in 2018 to elevate the Tampa Bay arts scene. The idea was to share photos and videos of artwork made in Tampa Bay on social media via hashtag #PaintItForward. When COVID struck in March and the galleries closed, Donnelly’s online marketing efforts became more important than ever. Suddenly, the internet was the only place where artists could get their work in front of collectors, and Donnelly already had the resources and the perfect hashtag for it. Through his nonprofit Public Art Project, Donnelly provided $150-$300 stipends to artists in exchange for online content, sharing their work with the world. The stipends gave several Tampa Bay artists the break they needed to revamp their online marketing strategies so they could survive this pandemic. And that’s how you paint it forward. [email protected] —Jennifer Ring

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