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Best Public Art Primer: Florida Craft Art For Inside The World Of Public Art

Florida Craft Art For Inside The World Of Public Art

I’ve always enjoyed the selection of crafts at Florida Craft Art, but typically, crafts just don’t wow me. That was until I found out how many installation artists got their start crafting, like Elayna Toby Singer, who transitioned from making jewelry into making mobile-like sculptures in public parks and gardens. Florida Craft Art’s “Inside the World of Public Art” featured work from several artists who made the transition from craft studio work to large-scale public installations. This exhibit was special for many reasons: it introduced Tampa Bay to the artists behind their favorite public art, it gave us a behind-the-scenes look into how gigantic sculptures are made, it showcased public art designs for the new St. Pete Pier, and it taught our local artists how to transition from studio work to public art through a series of lectures. Also, I love the pamphlet they made on where and how to see public art in Tampa Bay—it’s still available online via —Jennifer Ring

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