Best Of 2020

Best Coffee Shop Boss Who’s More Than That: Sarah Weaver at Bandit Coffee

Sarah Weaver at Bandit Coffee

In March, Bandit Coffee co-founder Sarah Weaver wrote a letter about her new job and boss. Her duties included processing orders, answering phones, and texting customers when Bandit had a pick-up station assigned to them. She did all that all while doing her best to keep everyone distanced, cycling through the table rotation—then sanitizing and repeating. The note was all to say that her effort was not unique and that she—plus other responsible business owners—was doing it to keep the community safe. The world got even more complicated after Weaver’s letter arrived, but the words served as a reminder that while there’s still a lot of fighting (and cleaning) left to do, we’re certainly not alone in the effort. —Ray Roa

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