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Best Locally-Published Comfort Food Cookbook: 'Hi, I'm Hungry' Melissa Santell

'Hi, I'm Hungry' Melissa Santell

Believe it or not, some of my best pandemic entertainment came from a cookbook. I’ve always been a sucker for a good cookbook, especially ones with a photo for each recipe. I knew Melissa Santell’s book was for me from a single phrase on p. 11, stating that “garlic is the lifeblood of everything sacred in this book.” And though Santell—a Tampa food photographer, home cook and CL contributor—doesn’t care to be boxed in, I’m throwing “Hi, I’m Hungry” into the comfort food category solely on the grounds that these recipes comforted me and my family during this pandemic. To Melissa Santell: Thanks for the delicious chicken francese, creamsicle cookies, po-taco’s, chocolate chip cookies with sea salt, and everything else I cook from your book after writing this paragraph. —Jennifer Ring

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