Best Of 2020

Best Making The Best Out Of A Shitty Situation: Pelican Pub

Pelican Pub

The Pelican Pub had St. Petersburg itching after images of a mysterious rash purportedly contracted from a bench at the bar led to owners to voluntarily shut down in late October. During the closure, which lasted for just two days, bar staff worked hard to rid themselves of whatever funk may have been causing skin irritation. Rather than crying of spilled milk, the Pelican Pub acknowledged the drama, reopened (after being cleared by the Florida Department of Public Health) and hosted a "Bury the Bench" party. As part of the "Bury the Bench" ceremony, Pelican Pub offered patrons one free round of "Bye-Bye Bench Bomb" shots. A tombstone will also be erected for the bench. An illustration of the tombstone says "The Bench: 2014-2019 — Supported many. Irritated some. Remembered by all." —Jenna Rimensnyder

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