Best Of 2020

Best Pandemic Opening: Sunshine Kitty Catfe

Sunshine Kitty Catfe

The Sunshine Kitty Catfe had been teasing cat lovers with its opening (or rather existence) since February 2019. Due to construction, permitting and all that fun stuff, it wasn’t until mid-pandemic, aka early June, that the joint made its debut. The cat cafe allows guests to enjoy locally-sourced drinks and eats in the company of adoptable cats acquired from Friends of Strays Animal Shelter. “Providing a large-scale foster home like this frees up space in the shelters,” owner Amanda “AJ” Jones told CL. “I want to save all the cats, but also provide a therapeutic place where people can come, relax and enjoy the company of cats.” Talk about a silver lining while the world is on fire.—Jenna Rimensnyder

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