Best Of 2020

Best Clean Ass Sticker Tattoos: Aaron Murray

Aaron Murray 

If you’re a frequent flyer at The Bends, you may see handfuls of tattoo artists popping out for a smoke break in between sessions at St. Petersburg’s Amulet Tattoo. Also departing are newly inked customers leaving with some body part wrapped up. Their looks of relief are not only because the pain is over, but also because they now have pristine roses from Richard Smith or maybe a clean ass sticker from Aaron Murray on their body. If you want playful, colorful pieces, Murray is your man. His Instagram (@aaron.murray) is filled with his handiwork. From bullfighters to nutcrackers to ukelele playing manatees, his lines are smooth, his colors are beat in. Get stamped by one of the ‘Burg’s best.—Jenna Rimensnyder

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