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Best Easy Meal Hack/Way To Impress Your New Boyfriend Or Girlfriend: Little Big Meals At The Fresh Market

Little Big Meals At The Fresh Market

When my boyfriend and I first started dating, I told him right off the bat that I don’t cook. After being treated to many a delicious dish prepared by my man, though, I decided it was time to reciprocate—or at least try. Though I had some truly epic failures (who knew that using flavored olive oil as a substitute for canola would make an entire batch of chocolate brownies taste like garlic?), The Fresh Market has come to my rescue with its weekly Little Big Meals. For $20-25, TFM gives you pre-portioned, pre-seasoned meals with little prep work and practically foolproof cooking instructions that feed four (or 2 if you have the appetite of a Marine and a marathoner). Time and time again, these Little Big Meals have saved me and made it seem like I can cook such flavorful dinners as crab cake sandwiches, blistered tomato chicken caprese and oven-roasted stuffed pitas. Bon appétit! —Resie Waechter

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