Best Of 2020

Best Eerily Relevant Concept Album: BC 'Time Pieces 3'

BC 'Time Pieces 3'

If there was ever an emcee to write a soundtrack for the moment when a global pandemic met a social revolution, then it’s BC. His new, 24-track sci-fi concept album is for fans of New York label Def Jux, Brooklyn trio Company Flow and Aesop Rock, but it’s also for real ones who wonder why public schools teach about Martin Luther King Jr., but not Malcom X. What’s even weirder is the allegorical elements which tie out-of-this-world events to the sadly-very-real current events of today. “On [‘Don’t Look Down, a highlight of the LP], I had to think about how I’d speak to her about prejudices of all kinds, you know, sexism, homophobia, all of that,” BC told CL. “How to treat people, and in classism as well. So, that song became really important to me in that sense.” —Ray Roa

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