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Best Local Music Gear Transition: Billy Summer Selling To Pete Townshend

Billy Summer Selling To Pete Townshend

Once upon a time, local rock and roll legend Billy Summer sold a bunch of gear so he could buy a Fender Deluxe Reverb from another revered musician, Rob Pastore. For years, a bunch of other bozos tried to buy the amp from Summer, but last fall, he got an email saying “Hello, I'm in town touring with The Who and I'd like to buy your amp but I don't have transport.” Summer agreed to sell and drive the thing to Amalie Arena where Townshend’s guitar tech Simon Law inspected the amp, explained that “Pete would be using it for recording,” handed Summer a wad of cash then proceeded to show our local hero the ins and outs of Townshend’s rig before giving him a backstage pass and two pristine seats for the show. —Ray Roa

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