Best Of 2020

Best Commute Monotony Breaker: LED Lights on the Sunshine Skyway

LED Lights on the Sunshine Skyway

A lifetime ago (i.e., prior to mid-March), my daily commute took me from St. Petersburg to Lakewood Ranch and back. On good days, it was 40 minutes each way, tops. On bad days… I’ll just say it has taken two-plus hours before. In short, seeing pretty stuff along the way can make a hell of a difference. So, when the state installed color-changing LED lights on the Skyway, funded by $15 million in SunPass toll dollars (paid mostly by me; you’re welcome), I was thrilled. Driving over the Skyway at dusk was already lovely, but the ever-changing glow always added to the beauty as I drove home at night. I don’t know when I’ll see it again, or what color it will be when I do, but I miss it. —Kate Bradshaw

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