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Best It's About Time (Racist Intonation Division): Hollins High School

Hollins High School

In early July, Dixie Hollins High School students posted a petition to change the high school’s name and Rebels mascot. Simultaneously, I was writing an article on racial injustice since the desegregation of schools in Pinellas County, specifically at Dixie Hollins. Other schools that had ties to the Confederacy, be it through a name or mascot, had made changes to move forward for both the betterment of its student body and future as an educational establishment. When CL posted the story, comments and messages flooded Facebook and my email. There was a lot of backlash from white high school alumni as well as those who just felt the need to flex their white privilege and claim that the school has “done enough” to pay for the racial injustice of the past. After the letter by the students and media coverage gained attention, all we could do was wait for Principal Robert Florio to meet with a group of students to make an official decision. As of August 31, Pinellas’ Dixie M. Hollins High School is to be referred to as “Hollins High.” In addition to the unofficial name change, is an official change of the mascot from the "Rebels" to the "Royals." Although this name and mascot change is long overdue, it feels good to have a blemish wiped away from Tampa Bay —Jenna Rimensnyder

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