Best Of 2020

Best Local Write-In Candidate: Chester Stone

Chester Stone

First off, if you write in anyone instead of Joe Biden in 2020, you are probably going to be forced to live on a Trump pontoon for the next four years, but if we were going to write somebody in, it’d be Chester Stone (who sells “Chester Stone ‘20” swag on his Linktree). Mr. “Godmuthafuckin’ damn!” is the bonafide king of the Hope Food Store and gas station near the corner of 22nd Street and E. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in East Tampa, and he documents his day—including interviews with flashy commentary—on his Instagram (@chesterstone745) which had just under 160,000 followers as of press time. But for all the bravado, Stone is vulnerable about his troubles, too. “Foxes have holes, birds have nests,” Stone told CL in June, “But I have no regular place to rest my head.” You’ll always have a place in our heart though, Chester. —Ray Roa

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