Best Of 2021

Floridian Social Club

There’ll always be a slice of the community that longs for the grimey, musty backstage are and dank vibes of the old State Theatre, but the storied local venue got to be too much for its old owners to manage. And while there’s no way Faygo-loving Insane Clown Posse will ever play a set at Floridian Social Club, there’s no denying that Kevin Chadwick—a real estate lifer who by day is the Owner and Operating Principal of Keller Williams franchises in the Tampa Bay area—did a jaw-dropping job on the renovation. There’s custom terrazzo, a ridiculous soundsystem, public restrooms straight out of the roaring-’20s, and a pair of green rooms that might be the fanciest in Tampa Bay. Kudos to Kevin and his team for polishing the old State up—lord knows someone with less capital and ambition might’ve turned it into some short-lived artisanal-cuisine-du-jour concept we’d all forget about in two years.

Best of the Bay 2021 Arts & Entertainment: Creative Loafing Tampa Bay's 2021 readers and critics pick the best in local theater, poets, museums and so much more.

Best of the Bay 2021 Arts & Entertainment

Winner: M. Catherine Wynkoop

Runners-Up: Jadyn Mills “Lend Me a Tenor,” Eugenie Bondurant

Tony Krol

As we interviewed Tampa Bay’s Black artists for our Spring Arts Preview, Tony Krol’s name kept coming up. Krol worked with several Black artists in 2020, created murals with them, provided space for them to show their work, and brought them into conversations about curation. The collaborations introduced Tampa Bay to the Black Activist Photographers and New Roots Art Collective. They brought us Tampa’s Black Lives Matter street mural, “Cultural Currency” at Peninsularium, and “Black Storm” at Cafe Hey. Krol knows that Tampa’s diversity is one of its greatest assets, and he’s making sure that diversity is well-represented in Tampa’s art galleries and streets.

Elizabeth Brincklow

Brincklow was born with an unfair advantage. You see, her mother Martha taught “arts and ideas” to generations of students at Dunedin High School. This cultural cocoon launched her to the FSU School of Theatre and the study of mime in Paris. Imaginative gigs in D.C. and NYC forged her keen skills. But the trail she’s blazed across disciplines with major artists over the past three decades since returning to Pinellas County is unmatched. She strategically developed St. Pete’s cultural scene, crafted Creative Pinellas’ grants program and shepherded Dunedin’s Public Art Master Plan and implementation of significant installations.

Winner:Naked Came the Florida Man” by Tim Dorsey

Runners-Up: Dogs of the Burg” by Urban Dog Studio, “Curveball at the Crossroads” by Michael Lortz

Winner: Mayven Missbehavin

Runners-Up: Femmes and Follies, Janinie Fatone-Butler