Best Of 2021

Best makeover: Floridian Social Club

Floridian Social Club

There’ll always be a slice of the community that longs for the grimey, musty backstage are and dank vibes of the old State Theatre, but the storied local venue got to be too much for its old owners to manage. And while there’s no way Faygo-loving Insane Clown Posse will ever play a set at Floridian Social Club, there’s no denying that Kevin Chadwick—a real estate lifer who by day is the Owner and Operating Principal of Keller Williams franchises in the Tampa Bay area—did a jaw-dropping job on the renovation. There’s custom terrazzo, a ridiculous soundsystem, public restrooms straight out of the roaring-’20s, and a pair of green rooms that might be the fanciest in Tampa Bay. Kudos to Kevin and his team for polishing the old State up—lord knows someone with less capital and ambition might’ve turned it into some short-lived artisanal-cuisine-du-jour concept we’d all forget about in two years.