Best Of 2021

Best pandemic short film: "Sexo y Violencia" by Christen Hailey

"Sexo y Violencia" by Christen Hailey

The hilarious R-rated mockumentary, “Sexo y Violencia: The Secret History of Tampa Episode 1, The Lair of the White Weasel” takes us back to Henry B. Plant’s Tampa Bay Hotel in 1898. Plant’s mistress, Maude, left behind a previously unknown diary that’s a ridiculously tongue-in-cheek tale of Teddy Roosevelt’s “introduction to the monstrously sexy underground pagan Temple of Ybor City.” This episode leaves us with “Game of Thrones” worthy cliffhangers. Will Maude succeed in her nefarious plan to become the queen of Tampa? What will come of Roosevelt’s pansexual escapades? Is Henry Plant really a zombie?