Best Of 2021

Best bike repair that comes to you: VeloFix (Scott Imrich)

VeloFix (Scott Imrich)

Local bike shops are wonderful, and there are a handful that handled bikes (and your health) beautifully during the pandemic, but sometimes you just need someone to show up to your house and fix the steel horse you ride. While VeloFix is a Canadian company, its Tampa-St. Pete roving tech and repairman is decades long local bike nerd (and musical taste making host of “Saturday Asylum”) Scott Imrich who’s ready to drive his oversized shop van to your driveway and get to work. He tuned up my old Raleigh in less than an hour (complete with ball bearing overhaul) for $100. 10/10 would recommend, especially if the organization of your daily life is a mess like mine.