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Best pain management without narcotics: Biofeedback at TGH

Biofeedback at TGH

You don’t need us to tell you that 2020 and 2021 were stressful as fuck. This year, as I added pandemics to my list of migraine triggers, I sought out a somewhat unconventional migraine treatment. I say unconventional because most people just want to take a pill and get on with their day. But if you have chronic migraines, pill popping can quickly get out of hand. You need more than just pills. You need a daily practice to reduce your stress. This is where biofeedback comes in. A good biofeedback therapist will help you manage your time, your stress and your diet better than ever before. It’s great for migraines and other chronic pain. And most importantly, it saves you from developing a devastating opioid addiction.