Best Of 2021

Anderson Lumber

This ramshackle establishment is, proudly, a lumber yard. Nothing big-box about it. (No wallpaper here.) During the isolation and gloom and fits and starts and teases of the pandemic, home improvement projects have become quite the thing—and people be doin’ it for themselves. If you’re one of those folks, you owe it to yourself to hit up this place, which has been in business since 1908—and looks it: faded signage, a pothole-pitted driveway, a long narrow shed filled with all kinds of wood, pallets of boards haphazardly arrayed outside, a rustic office with a cat on the counter. Anderson Lumber’s amiable personnel will work with you on your project(s)—even if you’re just this side of clueless. And they’ll rummage through their extensive stock of pieces left over from other jobs to try and save you money.

Best of the Bay 2021 Goods & Services: Creative Loafing Tampa Bay critics and readers pick the best goods and services in Tampa Bay.

Best of the Bay 2021 Goods & Services

Goods & Services

Winner: Vintage Marche

Runners-Up: Vintage RoostSchiller's Salvage

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Tiffozi Apparel

When was the last time something came along that you didn’t know existed, but also couldn’t live without when you found it? Enter Tiffozi, the ridiculously meticulous vintage soccer (football if you’re cool) apparel shop located on the old Main Street near North Howard Avenue Boasting a seriously impressive collection of vintage soccer gear, from track jackets to jerseys and the like, Tiffozi has a collection worth gawking at, even if you aren’t a fan of the sport. What makes it even cooler? It’s appointment only, unless you can make it down on a Saturday to see the goods in person. I know where I’m headed for my next Steven Gerrard jersey.

Winner: Blick

Runners-Up: Creative Clay ThriftArtissin

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Winner: Suncoast Credit Union

Runners-Up: Chase, Wells Fargo

Winner: Pure Barre St. Pete

Runners-Up: Studio 3, Flow Fitness

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Winner: Chainwheel Drive

Runners-Up: Saint Pete Bikes, David's World Cycle

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