Best Of 2021

Most resilient record store

Daddy Kool Records

This beloved shop survived the near extinction of record stores a decade or so back. Daddy Kool was a fixture on the 600 Block of St. Pete’s Central Avenue for a decade, but escalating rents pushed it out. No biggie. In April 2019, owner Tony Rifugiato and the man who mans it, Manny Kool, relocated their wares to a vast, high-ceilinged space in the Warehouse Arts District. That has provided more elbow room to peruse the store’s wealth of LPs, CDs, T-shirts and other merch. Daddy Kool will soon have a new location—its move to The Factory, just a few blocks away, is scheduled for November. People frequent Daddy Kool for the vinyl and the other stuff—and the vibe.