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Best proof that Jane Castor gets what she wants: Tampa Bay Lightning losing Game 4

Tampa Bay Lightning losing Game 4

Many of Jane Castor’s critics marvel at how the former police chief maintains high popularity in the wake of scandals like “Biking While Black” and the latest “Renting While Black,” but let’s be honest: Jane gets what she wants a lot of the time—and we’re not talking about the Rome Yard either. Just ask the Tampa Bay Lightning who watched Castor say, outloud, that she wanted the Bolts to “maybe take it easy” so they could then win Game 5 back in front of a home crowd in Tampa. Nevermind that every game opens up the chance for injury. The team did actually lose the game, giving Castor her wish, and players all said they would have liked to sweep. But Jane gets what Jane asks for, and you can bet she’ll tote the Stanley Cup around like she won it herself.