Best Of 2021

Best radio station drama that just won’t die: WMNF


How many times are other outlets going to have to put the words “WMNF” and “Rob Lorei” in a headline? At this point, who knows. The community radio station’s ongoing spat with its founding member and former news director was reignited over the summer when Lorei and the station found themselves at odds over the public reason for his firing. The details, naturally, are unclear, with Lorei being selective about his on-record comments and the board being vague about timelines in their story. Since the latest flare up, demonstrators have shown up to protest outside the station, with General Manager Rick Fernandes announcing his own resignation after about two years at the helm. WMNF is a local gem with impassioned supporters, so I guess we’ll just keep up with everything happening there whether it’s pleasant or not.