Best Of 2022

Lovers of stiff drinks and dancing were devastated when downtown St. Pete’s Ringside Cafe unexpectedly closed its doors in January. But lucky for them (and us), the bar and venue reopened down the street not even seven months later. Small music venues are hard to come by in The Burg’ these days, but Ringside has been holding the scene down for upwards of 30 years. And its second floor balcony is one of the best places to people watch in downtown. @ringsidedowntown on Facebook


Winner: The Black Honkeys
2. Pusha Preme
3. The Wandering Assassins Crossfire Creek
Winner: The Applebutter Express
2. Have Gun Will Travel
3. Crossfire Creek Band
Winner: Uncle Johns Band
2. Pitbull Toddler
3. The Spazmatics
Winner: COCKTail St. Pete
2. Blur Nightclub
3. The Ritz Ybor
Winner: Abortion Twins
3. The Headtones
Winner: Jon Ditty
2. Pusha Preme
3. They Hate Change
Winner: Uncle Johns Band
2. Electric Soul Therapy
3. Elysian Sex Drive
Winner: Corner Bar & Grill
2. CJ's on the Island
3. LaLa
Winner: Dave Flash Morgan
2. Lisa Hutchins
3. Will Blackshear